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Basic Fall Protection Training and Awareness for the Residential Worker:

This training is intended for workers in the residential and light construction industry including but not limited to: roofers, framers, remodelers, home builders, painters, siding installers, gutter installers,  HVAC, concrete, drywall, tapers, electricians, garage door installers, general contractors, insulation, plumbers, installers of stair rail systems, lathers, stucco & many more…basically any contractor who works at heights of 6 feet above lower levels.

**Minimum Class Occupancy Required**

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Course Description:

This training program focuses on identifying fall hazards in light commercial and residential construction, as well as, providing student attendees an understanding of the OSHA fall protection regulations and safe work practices to prevent fall-related injuries and deaths. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the methodology of using fall protection in the industry as well as common misconceptions that fall protection systems cannot be used to protect workers. Attendees will be provided basic information needed for an understanding of OSHA’s preferred fall protection systems.  Fall protection including guardrails and personal fall arrest systems (PFAS), falling object protection, how to access scaffolds safely, competent person requirement, scaffold inspection, prevalence of job built scaffolds and their hazards, how to choose the right ladder, how to properly set-up and use extension and step ladders, and other safe work practices when working at heights.

Attendees will be shown a number of current industry conventional fall protection practices which they might expect to use for their given profession. All attendees may be given the opportunity to fit and wear a full body harness at an elevated position and as well as the opportunity to feel a self retracting lanyard engage while wearing a harness. All attendees will be provided several manuals on fall protection systems readily available on the market and numerous guidance documents created by OSHA & NIOSH.


The content for the 6-8 hour course is based on the instructors years of practical contractor experience as well as data and information provided to the OSHA Advisory Committee on Construction Safety & Health (ACCSH) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH). Attendees will be provided numerous manuals from manufacturers and government agencies which are straightforward guides for contractors, builders, remodelers, and trade contractors that have been designed to show attendees’ how to eliminate many hazards found on home building or similar jobsites and what they might do to keep safe and comply with OSHA fall protection requirements.

Course Outcomes:

As a result of successfully completing this seminar the attendees should be able to:

Recognize the most common fall hazards on residential or similar jobsites;

  • Know how to wear and use a full body harness;
  • Understand in importance of mitigating swing fall;
  • Have a basic understanding of fall protection systems and what additional training is needed to use those systems on their sites;
  • Use safe work practices to reduce the risk of injuries;
  • Understand the hazards associated with ladder & scaffold use;
  • Understand the hazards associated with using a fall protection plan instead of following OSHA regulations on the use of fall protection systems;
  • Understand what the employer is responsible to provide all employees;
  • Have an awareness of PPE requirements of a personal fall arrest system;
  • Understand the requirements of anchors and what a arrest system is really required to sustain during a workers arrested fall;
  • Comply with OSHA fall protection regulations.


All attendees will be required to pass a comprehensive written evaluation in order to receive a course attendance certificate.