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Arizona Chapter National Safety Council (ACNSC), a 501 (c) 3, non-profit, non-governmental and public service organization was founding in 1949. Our purpose is to educate and motivate people to live safer and healthier lives by reducing injuries, deaths, human suffering and losses caused by preventable accidents. As a chapter of the National Safety Council located in Phoenix, Arizona, our mission is to protect life and promote health through accident prevention.
ACNSC has a variety of construction industry oriented classes available which will meet the needs of contractors and builders. To see a current list of available training classes visit thier web page:


With over 20 years in the roofing business under the name American Roof, Inc, Super Anchor Safety Inc. understands all the problems associated with implementing Fall Protection in residential construction. Since 1991, they have been developing thier own line of reusable and permanent anchorage devices specifically designed to meet the needs of the residential builder/contractor.
Their “Anchors” provide the professional contractor with some of the needed tools to safely implement Fall Protection on the jobsite at a reasonable price.
Due to the spiraling costs of injury claims, jobsite safety has become a major focus on insurance companies. Using SUPER ANCHORS® fall arrest anchors and supplimental equipment can significantly reduce these injuries and costly claims.
To get more information on product lines and training visit thier web page:


Since 1972 the Arizona Business Association, Inc. (ABA) has been a Safety Association dedicated to promoting a culture of safety in the workplace through Safety Awareness, Training and Consultation, Social Networking and events while still maintaining its main objective to provide safety classes and seminars on operating a business safely to maximize the discounts and dividends. We provide information and assistance on back to work programs and have available Free Safety Training. All members also have use of our Free Safety Video Library.  We also provide group Health and Dental Insurance and other services to our members.


Capital Safety is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fall protection, confined space and rescue equipment, with a passionate commitment to quality, innovation and safety.
With more patents, more engineers and more industry innovations than any other fall protection manufacturer, it’s no wonder that Capital Safety and its brands are the most recognized and trusted around the globe. With 50 years of history, DBI-SALA and Protecta products are considered mainstays of modern fall protection. Unlike others, Capital Safety is the only company that has always been dedicated entirely to innovation in fall protection.