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About our Company


The mission of Arizona Construction Training Alliance d.b.a. ACTA Safety is to provide, in collaboration with our many partners, worksite safety and health safety oversight, training, and education. We fulfill our mission though employer consultation, creation and augmentation of company training programs, supplementing organization safety staff via our network of specifically qualified safety professionals, and by having real world expertise in numerous facets of the construction and general industries.

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Arizona Partners Launch Public Service Campaign


On January 7, 2014 a diverse group of Arizona and National organizations launched a two part Public Service Initiative.

Phase 1 focuses on the number one cause of serious fatal and serious injuries in the construction industry… FALLS

Together the partners gathered to unveil one of several billboards located throughout the greater Phoenix Arizona area.

To learn more about the campaign and eliminating falls at work visit the campaign website link below the photos.

Plan Provide Train Arizona


Falls is still the largest cause of serious and fatal workplace injury in construction. READ MORE

To ensure workers are protected from falling, do the right thing, Plan Provide Train for all activities especially those where workers are exposed to a fall 6 feet or more above lower levels. At all times use guardrail systems, safety net systems, or personal fall arrest systems, unless it is impossible to do so. For information on how to comply contact us at ACTA Safety or visit the OSHA Stop Falls Website





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