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The mission ACTA Safety is to assist industry by providing worksite safety and health safety oversight, training, and education. We fulfill our mission though employer consultation, creation and augmentation of company training programs, supplementing organization safety staff via our network of specifically qualified safety professionals, and by having real world expertise in numerous facets of the construction and general industries.

It is well documented that companies with good safety management programs are more stable and profitable as compared to those with little or no safety management systems.

At ACTA Safety we believe safety integration should be cost effective and provide a good return on investment. Safety is Productive!

If you are ready to increase your company’s profitability through a reduction in workers compensation and liability burdens then contact us.



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Arizona Partners Public Service Campaign 2014



Water Rest Shade Lodo


   NAOSH Week 2014


Throughout 2014 ACTA Safety facilitated a broad partnership of organizations, companies, trade associations, and government entities for the purpose of promoting safety awareness to the citizens of Arizona through a billboard public service announcements (PSA). From January through October the five Phase PSA initiative provided for 19 billboards throughout the greater Phoenix metropolis. A huge amount of credit must be given to Clear Channel Outdoor and Lamar Advertising for their HUGE in-kind donations of billboard space around the valley.

The success of the effort can be measured into the tens of thousands of citizens reached daily with hundreds of thousands of exposures to the messages throughout the entire initiative.

With the amazing amount of support form so many organizations from across many industries we anticipate the PSA will return in 2015 with an addition distracted driving phase promoting the national “It Can Wait” campaign against texting and driving.

Anyone interested in joining as a partner should contact us immediately.

We want to thank and acknowledge the following partners of the 2014 campaigns. To see a list or organizations and photos of the billboards click the more tab:

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